St. Joseph’s Day Celebration

Back in the 60’s and 70’s and even into the 80’s, many people from the Polish community of Montreal used to come together to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day, which falls on March 19th every year. Now this date of course falls in the middle of Lent, but because of the special status of Saint Joseph, the Catholic Church has always and continues to allow dispensation from Lent in order to give honour to this saint.

Somewhere along the way, and this seems to be a regular part of our society these days, a minority of people began to to find this celebration to be totally uncatholic and anybody seen going to these events were soon gossiped about. It went so far that almost all organisations have given up even trying to host an event on that day. Now in a recent conversation with a priest, he informed us that by all means we should be celebrating this day in some form and that it is even uncatholic to not be celebrating. In 2012 March 19th falls on Monday and so we discussed this fact and that it would be folly to try and do something on a Monday. He went on to tell us that the nearest Saturday to the 19th would be very acceptable in the eyes of the church.

I think it is time we get rid of this myth and so on March 17th of 2012 we plan on bringing back the honoured tradition of celebrating St. Joseph in all his glory for the sake of the community  and more importantly for the spirit of the community. We hope that you will come share the evening with us! Everyone is welcome.

St. Joseph’s Day Zabawa

MARCH 17TH, 2012 at 8:00P.M.

1956 Frontnac, Montreal, QC

Tickets are 20$ and can be bought by calling Pawel at 514-805-6134

The popular band KORONA will be playing and both the Tatry Ensemble from Oshawa, Ontario and Akademia will be performing. The Bar and Kitchen will be serving for your delight and we will have a few surprises up our sleeves to keep you entertained.