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The award-winning director of The White Eagle Folk Dance Academy, Richard Schmidt continues his life-long passion of Polish Folklore through his daily work with hundreds of youth in both Toronto and Montreal, as well as his appearances as guest instructor at Folk Camps across the continent.

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Visit our White Eagle Channel and enjoy the Academy in action. Many of our most popular dances are broadcast and open for the public to enjoy - Even some of our funniest and more memorable events will get posted - We're proud of our achievements and love to share with you - so feel free to visit us often...


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The beautiful hand-made costumes of Poland and other cultures add to the magic of the performance. With thousands of costume pieces and even more thousands of dollars of investment, the Academy is proud of the beauty of their wardrobe that dazzle audiences worldwide.

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Keep up to date with what's on in our blog section. Many articles are written and published on a continual basis to keep our members, donors, supporters and fans alike abreast of any news that may be happening with the Academy. We invite you to join check them out and feel free to comment (keep it clean)

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