As with any accomplished professional, Richard Schmidt has given seminars, lead workshops and written many papers on the subject of Polish folklore. Many of his compositions and choreographies are taught to instructors of dance from around the world who then in turn pass their knowledge onto their students. Working with translators, Richard has had several of his more popular dances written up in several foreign languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Portugese and French. Below you will find a list of some of these dances that are made available to you through this site. We ask that you first seek permission from Richard by contacting him at should you wish to copy and distribute these notes.

Cieszyn – Czardasz Slaski

Cieszyn – Szot Madziar 2000

Cieszyn – Szot Madziar 2010

Cieszyn – Szpacyr Polka (NP)

Kurpie – Fafur

Kurpie – Kaczor

Lowicz – Klapok

Lowicz – Kujony

Lublin – Osa and Mach











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