The Folk Camps

Hawaii Night
Hooping it up in a hula

Stockton Folk Dance Camp

Teaching at Stockton is always a blast. For two straight weeks all of us teachers lose ourselves in folklore and forget about the outside world. Campers come from all over the world and we get to meet so many new people, catch up with old friends and learn so many new dances. In 2004, 2005, 2008 and again in 2012, Richard Schmidt has been and will be a teacher at the Stockton Folk Dance Camp. With close to 300 campers in attendance each year, Stockton is by far one of the largest folk camps in North America. Classes start early in the morning, after a fantastic breakfast, and continue all day long with a review in the evening that ends around 11P.M. If that’s not enough campers head off to “The Hole in the Wall” for even more folk dancing. Camp lasts a week but you can always sign up for the second week and do it all again. Teachers don’t get that option – They’re there for the two weeks!

Claude enjoying the gaik

Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2008

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