About us

The White Eagle Folk Dance Academy, founded in 2008, is a semi-professional dance ensemble and registered Canadian Charity (BN84079 1305 RR0001)  based in Montréal Canada, dedicated to promoting, preserving and developing folk dance through classical and modern forms of dance. The ensemble is proud to bring to its audiences the excitement and beauty of the world’s folklore. Registered as a non-profit corporation in the province of Québec, Canada, the academy performs to rave reviews to audiences around the world.

The major annual projects of the Academy are financed by our weekly Wednesday BINGO sessions, licensed by the government of Quebec (LIC201310013011-01) and held from 13h00 to 16h00 at our rehearsal hall – 1956 Frontenac in Montreal. The dancers volunteer their time to work shifts at the bingo and many people from the community support our cause. Please see our Bingo page for more info.

As members of both Folklore Canada International and the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas, our mission is to promote and develop the folk arts of the world through song and dance with the aspirations that people from all backgrounds will come together in peace and harmony through a better understanding of each other’s culture and traditions. It is for that reason that our objectives are the following:DSC_0081

 1)     Instruct and develop the understanding and appreciation of the general public to the folk art of Poland, Canada and other cultures through education.

 2)     Instruct and develop the understanding and appreciation of the general public to folk art through the presentation and organisation of performances and events showcasing the folk art of Poland, Canada and other cultures

 DSC_00223)     Teach the folklore of Poland and other cultures, under the authority and approval of the law concerning private training and its rules and regulations.

 4)     Strictly guide the corporation and its volunteers and members to engage in performances and events that benefit and support charitable organisations.

 5)     Receive donations, legacies and other contributions in the form of cash money, securities or real estate, administer such donations, legacies and contributions: organise fund-raising campaigns with the goal of supporting charitable causes.

 Through intense rehearsals consisting of ballet, presentation techniques, vocal training, detailed work on character and styling along with gymnastic and authentic folk steps, we are forever expanding our repertoire and costume inventory. We not only present works from all the National dances of Poland (Polonaise, Mazur, Oberek, Kujawiak and Krakowiak) along with the multitude of regional dances but are also proud to cross borders and show dances from Romania, Germany, Russia, Italy, the Rom people as well as our homeland of Canada.

 As proud members of Folklore Canada International (FCI) and the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas (PFDAA), we also benefit from a vast network of like-minded organisations around the globe who share our goals. Supported by the White Eagle Society of Montréal who celebrate over 100 years as a Montréal institution, we are also privileged to have top-notch rehearsal facilities with adequate space in which to host fund-raising events. In 2013 we have added a weekly bingo session to our activities. Licensed by the Quebec government, with thousands of dollars given away monthly in prize money, this fundraising activity will help fund the projects that support our objectives.

 Throughout our short history, we have come to the aid of many charitable organisations that benefit the needs of children and seniors alike. The academy’s artists not only perform at their fund-raising events but also roll up their sleeves and work alongside the volunteers as well as involving and encouraging the beneficiaries to participate in a song or two.


cropped-akademia-on-flag+.pngThis is ‘What they are saying about us’

“You have done a wonderful job. It was truly fantastic. I truly enjoyed it. Glad to have you again with us and look forward to working with you next year.” – Leticia Bulotano-Wheeler (Folklore Canada, 2011)

“The positive feedback and delight of the crowds in attendance at this year’s Dozynki were stupendous. You have outdone yourselves – once again! So many youth in beautiful Polish costumes brought tears to my eyes. Our heritage is safe in your hands.” – Marysia Palczak (VP – White Eagle Society, 2011)

“The White Eagle Academy is truly one of the most disciplined groups to visit our festival. What a marvellous performance!” – Aline Carriere (Artistic Director – Couleurs du Monde CIOFF Ste-Marie de Beauce, 2012)

“Winners of the 1st Prize for Cultural Community of Montreal” – Trophy Award Ceremony (Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2012)

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